Don't you think Google is evil?

Answer See, the internet is a complicated thing. Search engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, they don't really keep track of the results that appear on your screen. Google doesn't actually TELL you how ... Read More »

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GOOGLE IS EVIL!! i dont get it, it wont let me see any websites!!!!?

i thought it was only happeneing to me. thank god my computer wasnt screwed up or something

Is Google evil?

Maybe. But I use Yahoo!, so it doesn't affect me.

Why dont ppl just use google?

laziness mostlyYou do realize the irony of suggesting using google on a Yahoo! page right?

Why dont ppl just google?

I think there are several reasons:1. Some people like to be annoying2. Some are lazy3. Some really don't know how to use Google. Google is not real good at understanding cell phone/chat room mumbo ... Read More »