Don't you think Google is evil?

Answer See, the internet is a complicated thing. Search engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, they don't really keep track of the results that appear on your screen. Google doesn't actually TELL you how ... Read More »

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GOOGLE IS EVIL!! i dont get it, it wont let me see any websites!!!!?

i thought it was only happeneing to me. thank god my computer wasnt screwed up or something

Your so vein, you probably think this song is about you dont you, dont you!?

Is Google evil?

Maybe. But I use Yahoo!, so it doesn't affect me.

Do you think that people, primarily women, answer here and dont think about the repurcussions of their words?

Well, i wasn't going to answer even tho it is a great question but i think i will try anyhow. :) Yes, people have been unnecessarily rude to me BUT i have also been unnecessarily rude back. (not ne... Read More »