Don't you people know that Wikipedia is unreliable!?

Answer Wikipedia is renowned for some very embarrassing posts, inaccuracies, and appalling bad prose, and much of that negative reputation is deserved - It's the inevitable result of letting any RFB post ... Read More »

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Why dont people realize that wikipedia sucks?

Why do people think Wikipedia is unreliable?

I'm going to put in the exact some answer I gave to a different question a few days ago. You can find that question here:;…Wikipedia is the encyclopedia th... Read More »

Is wikipedia "that" unreliable?

Everyone saying it is full of lies should provide sources for this ;)Wikipedia's accuracy heavily depends on the reliability of the sources that are used (or sometimes, not used) to write an articl... Read More »

Is wikipedia really that inaccurate and unreliable?

Wikipedia really is that inaccurate and unreliable.First example, Wikipedia's one hundred articles about U.S. senators were once evaluated in a systematic fashion. It was found that these articles ... Read More »