Don't you hate when guys come on here and criticize us for wearing makeup?

Answer Ugh. i know exactly what you mean, there like " no make-up is better" but really, all celbrities wear LOADS of it, and they think there soooooo hot. i wear a little make-up to for myself, not them ... Read More »

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FOR GUYS. What are things most girls consider physical flaws that you like, dont mind, or hate?

Why do guys hate makeup?

I think they hate it because it makes them feel insecure when you look hot. Any guy I ever dated who told me not to wear make up was cut off immediately. I don't need someone controlling me like ... Read More »

People don't criticize artists for paint on canvases, why do people criticize girls for makeup on faces?

That's like saying every girl is capable of being an artist! And if it looks like someone painted on a canvas, but instead it was a face... well then you just look like a clown.I think it is becaus... Read More »

Guys- why do u hate it so much when girls put on makeup?

Because its true. Make up makes a girl look likes she's desperate for attention. Sometimes if it's too much make up, she'd look trashy. Guy's like girls who look their best but do so in moderation.... Read More »