Don't you hate it when they don't have the kind of caviar you like?

Answer Yes, and I hate it even more when they try to pass Dom off as Cristal. Puh-leeze, it's not like I can't taste the difference...

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My babys going to be adopted but i dont want him to hate me?

Your depression will NEVER go away. And your boy will never get over your loss. Ever.Do some reading: Read More »

Dont u hate dumb drivers?

Whoever told you that is grossly misinformed and their logic if you follow it will get somebody seriously hurt or killed. I strongly suggest that you look up the traffic laws in your state before b... Read More »

Dont you hate when someone hogs the computor?

Nah... I have my own laptop and NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO TOUCH IT!

Dont you hate when people treat you like dirt?

yeah expiessally when you are relly nice and dont do anything