Dont want to offend anyone!! Please answer?

Answer That is a very hard question to answer until you are actually faced with the information.If you know that you would not make any changes then maybe not get the tests to find out, unless you wanted ... Read More »

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Why do idiots answer questions they clearly dont know the answer too.?

They do it for the points, I think. Which is silly, as you point out, since they are meaningless. And there really are people here or are ignorant (and maybe even stupid) who don't know the rules o... Read More »

Please dont laugh, please answer?

if you are that scared just go to the doctor. you may just a stomach flu or something. if you were poisoned you would feel A LOT worse than just feeling like you are going to throw up. and you woul... Read More »

Tatoo survey! even if you dont have one answer!?

. male or female female2. how old are you? 443. do you have a tattoo? yes4. how many tattoos do you have? 55. why did you get it? A) for no reason or just felt like it B) for a reason:i had my firs... Read More »

How old were you....... PERIODS...BOYS DONT ANSWER!!!?

Jan. 15 of 7th grade.. haha.. dont ask me how i remember over 3 years later.