Don't mothers teach their daughters and sons to cook anymore?

Answer As I'm a "wrinkly" [an old person!!] I've seen many men whose wives have died and the widowers have not even known how to put the kettle on, let alone, boil an egg. So as soon as my offspring were... Read More »

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Mothers who get their sons circumcised, have you considered your daughters?

I think some people here need to educate themselves on infant male circumcision. Please read these links:… Read More »

Hi. My sons do not want their friends to see "their mothers", (me) profile picture.?

Use an arbitrary Icon instead....something that won't really mean anything like a cartoon character or a flower. I have children and they told me the same thing.

Why do mothers love their sons more?

Because the trachea is very tiny, so that type of food for children is very harmful.A way you can resolve a choking is by:Pom ping somebody on the abdominal decreases the volume of the chest cavity... Read More »

Any Mothers Considering Circumcising their New Born Daughters?

I love this question.This type of question was actually the one that made me 1000000% certain, without a doubt sure, that I would NOT circumcise my son... Especially after seeing so many people's ... Read More »