Don't mothers teach their daughters and sons to cook anymore?

Answer As I'm a "wrinkly" [an old person!!] I've seen many men whose wives have died and the widowers have not even known how to put the kettle on, let alone, boil an egg. So as soon as my offspring were... Read More »

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Mothers who get their sons circumcised, have you considered your daughters?

I think some people here need to educate themselves on infant male circumcision. Please read these links:… Read More »

What would you name three daughters and three sons?

Melody Linnea Rosalie- She would have big brown eyes and dirty blonde ringlets that fell to her waist. She would be the shiest of all my children and would love to sing. She would have a minimum am... Read More »

Why do sons get favored over daughters?

Traditionally men carried on the family's name so men were desperate to have boys also to take over the air to the throne ...henry the eighth once killed one of his wifes for not producing a son ..... Read More »

HANDS UP.....If you remember........SONS AND DAUGHTERS......?

now you're talking i used to love that programme, but talk about recycling the actors,ilovedsons & daughtersyoung doctorsblue heelersshortland street [think that one was new zealand]richmond hill [... Read More »