Don't know what to have first time drinking?

Answer James16 is pretty young, but if you're going to drink alcohol .....I'd take a moderate amount of something fairly light and relatively trendy, no spirits or hard liquor, but something no-one else i... Read More »

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I just got my period tonight for the first time and i dont know what too doo!?

I am going clubing for my first time and dont know what shoes to wear.?

get a comfortable pair of lowish heals of flats if you feel comfortable wearing flatsyou have to pick a pair that doesnt hurti personally would wear flip flops

I slept with my new boyfriend for the first time yesturday, we didnt use anything (i know, dont shout at me)?

Old and mature enough to have sex, yet too immature to talk about it....pitiful!!!!!!!

I am a girl and i dont have my period yet and i am scared and dont know what to do when i get it?

You didn't mention how old you are. Some girls have their period at age 12, some get it at age 16. I had it at age 16. So, there is nothing to worry about it. Just take it easy. If you are older th... Read More »