Don't know what to have first time drinking?

Answer James16 is pretty young, but if you're going to drink alcohol .....I'd take a moderate amount of something fairly light and relatively trendy, no spirits or hard liquor, but something no-one else i... Read More »

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Why women dont prefer drinking rum?

I thought it was just me who hated rum, vodka is definatly the best. Rum has a terrible after taste and the hang overs are brutal

If I stop drinking a lot of pop will i lose weight I DONT WANT TO!?

Yes you will lose more weight. The good news its likely fat since sugar when its not metabolized turns into that. Of course, in your case, with your high metabolism the sugar never has a chance to ... Read More »

I seem to feel ill after drinking strong cordial/dilutant, but i dont like it any other way?

Cordials and squashes are intended to be drunk diluted, you seem to like sugar in your diet which suggests you're not eating well? Sugar-laden drinks have been shown to lead to diabetes in later li... Read More »

I Dont Think Anyone Seems To Know, 3rd Time Asking...?

Sorry, I don't know how to fix it but I did read your question ;>)'have you went into "my computer" and checked out the options in there...or right clicked your mouse on the main screen?? Good luck!!!