Dont care if its unhealthy fast way to lose weight?

Answer You need to up your calories to no less than 1,200 if you are a woman and 1,500 if you are a man.Here is how it works!!Here are my tips for you.Here you go: This is from my own experience and what ... Read More »

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Is it okay to eat something unhealthy once a week while you lose weight?

Your absolutely fine! The only things unhealthy on that list btw is the chocolate and cupcake. You must be really skinny. :) Just once or twice a week won't makea BIT of difference! Just not more t... Read More »

How can I lose my fat My doctor says I am an unhealthy weight.?

HiThats a great goal but don't lose too fast or you might put it back on heres a few tips breakfast is the most important meal of the day have a good breakfast like porridge filling low fat and sta... Read More »

How to Lose Weight Despite Unhealthy Cafeteria Food?

Have to eat in the cafeteria? You can still lose weight with these tips.

I need to lose weight fast. How much will I lose if I have one of my legs amputated?