Don't Fear the Needle: The Flu Shot is for Everyone?

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What does the needle do when you get a flu shot?

It's sharp angled tip enters your body through the skin and subcutaneous tissue so the vaccine can be delivered into your muscle tissue and begin its work. That type of vaccine needs to be in the m... Read More »

Tetanus shot needle size?

I don't remember exactly lolif you're getting a booster than its just like any other shot and needle size to me.

I put a needle in a painful cystic pimple i dont want to squeeze but it is oozing clear liquid?

Use Baking Soda,Make a thick paste by mixing one teaspoon of baking soda with some water or lemon juice. Before applying the paste wash the skin properly to get rid of all the dirt. Now, apply the ... Read More »

Does boiling a tattoo needle in water&alcohol sterilize the needle?

Boiling water is insufficient for sterilizing tattoo needles, and alcohol is just a disinfectant. Only an autoclave can properly sterilize tattoo equipment. Go to a licensed artist trained in cro... Read More »