Donner kebab for breakfast. Right or wrong?

Answer Wrong lad. I had a leftover kebab last sunday and nearly put misen in hospital lad. From now on I'm sticking firmly to the Bomabay Bad Boy Pot Noodle to awaken my taste buds with a healthy serving ... Read More »

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Whats wrong with eating last nights leftover kebab for breakfast?

Whatever floats your boat, honey!A cool Stella would go down rather well right now.I much prefer a left over curry though with a garlic naan that's a little chewy.Now that's far more classy.(vindal... Read More »

Would you rather eat a kebab or a burger right now?

Holly my sweet friend,a burger,i don't like kebabs

Which vegan gluten free breakfast should I have right nowvote inside?

1.That's the option with the most vegetables and fewest carbs.

Abortion, right or wrong?

If we lived the way that God wants us to live, we would marry, and then get pregnant. When we got pregnant, we would want our child and love not only the child's other parent but, we would love ou... Read More »