Donation of Textbooks?

Answer Donating your old textbooks is a great way to contribute to the field of education for individuals who would not otherwise be able to afford them. Donating textbooks saves the environment, since yo... Read More »

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When should you buy textbooks?

On One Hand: At the Beginning of the SemesterA good time to buy textbooks is after the professor tells you what is required for the course and what is optional. Buying mandatory books is a smart in... Read More »

How to Get Help to Pay for Textbooks?

According to a 2005 study conducted by the Government Accountability Office, students and their families spend an average of $6 billion per year on new and used textbooks and the average student in... Read More »

Where can I buy textbooks online?

Many campus bookstores sell textbooks online. Students can also buy textbooks through online retailers such as Amazon and Amazon offers up to 30 percent savings on new textbooks and up to... Read More »

How to Look Up Textbooks by Course Number?

When you register for classes, you usually will have to purchase a specific textbook for the course. Even if you know the name of your textbook, you still may need to look up the exact version beca... Read More »