Don t open any email that says Life Is Beautiful.Cos it s a virus.?

Answer A better idea is to not open emails warning about the Life-Is-Beautiful-virusThis a hoax that's been around several times in the last 5 years.…Always chec... Read More »

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My computer has a virus, and whenever I try to open my anti-virus software, it closes up. What do I do?

How do I make Outlook email to open when I need to send an email from any website on the internet?

Go to Start, open Control Panel and click internet Options. Go to the Programs Tab, under Email: put Outlook or Outlook Express, which ever you are using. That should do it.

If I use my schools wifi to open an email, will they be able to see that same email, if they wanted to?

Generally no. However if they have a proxy or traffic capture device running when you were originally creating the email then it is possible that they could have captured your user name and passwor... Read More »

Is this a virus email HELP?

It's most likely spam, but I suppose it could be a virus. It's a good thing you deleted it, in any case.