Domino Rally Pressman Directions?

Answer Domino Rally is a domino game produced by Pressman Toys in the late 1980s and early '90s. Players set up colorful plastic dominoes, a rocket and a launchpad. Then they can simply push the first dom... Read More »

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When reading directions, what does it mean when the directions say, make the 2nd left?

The directions "second left" and "third right" are so self explanitory that any answers here will only confuse you more.Take a taxi, get a chauffer, or memorize a map. That way you'll never be stu... Read More »

How to Get Someone to Rally?

You want to have a fun time, but your friend got tired. How do you "pump it up"? This is how.

What is a rally dog show?

A "Rally dog show" features Rally Obedience, an entry-level obedience event sponsored by the American Kennel Club and other dog registries and associations. Rally Obedience was "designed with the t... Read More »

How to Avoid a Pep Rally?

If you really want a little "quiet" time and don't like pep rallies, don't give up! This guide will give you hope.