Dolphin's Natural Habitat?

Answer Though the bottlenose dolphin is the most easily recognizable species of dolphin, the family Delphinidae includes 26 living species and is found all over the world. The different dolphin species ar... Read More »

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Natural Habitat & Man-Made Habitat Differences?

Man-made and natural habitats refer to environments where several species live. How these environments are built up is different, but they both sustain life. A natural habitat is untampered with by... Read More »

What is a worm's natural habitat?

The natural habitat of the earthworm is soil, otherwise known as dirt. Soil is comprised of four components: air, water, tiny pieces of rock and humus. Humus is a mixture of decaying plants and ani... Read More »

Rabbit's Natural Habitat?

A rabbit's habitat comprises shelter, food and nesting sites. These three aspects are essential to the rabbit's survival. In order to find food without becoming food, the rabbit must be able to hi... Read More »

What Is an Eagle's Natural Habitat?

The Hinterland Who's Who website says that of the 59 eagle species that exist worldwide, only the bald eagle and the golden eagle inhabit North America. The bald eagle, the national symbol of the U... Read More »