Dolphin Levels in "Endless Ocean: Blue 2"?

Answer "Endless Ocean: Blue World" is the sequel to "Endless Ocean: Adventures of the Deep" and is a game exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. You can search for treasures and follow the storyline, but there... Read More »

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How to Befriend the Risso's Dolphin on Endless Ocean Blue World?

If you are having any difficulties in befriending this wonderful animal in the game Endless Ocean Blue World (also called Adventures in the Deep), please feel free to read on to get hints or guidan... Read More »

How to Befriend the Amazon River Dolphin in Endless Ocean Blue World?

The Amazon River dolphin is the second hardest dolphin to get as a partner in the game. This article will tell you how to befriend the dolphin in a few easy steps.

How to Befriend the Bottle Nose Dolphin on Endless Ocean Blue World?

If you are having any trouble on befriending this dolphin, then this article should be sure to help you out. You will have to have the request "Be the Best Trainer" available, if not, continue trai... Read More »

How to Find the Sea Serpent in Endless Ocean Blue World?

The sea serpent is one of the three extinct creatures you can find in the popular video game, endless ocean blue world. Finding it is rather difficult and is easily missed during the main story. Mo... Read More »