Doing a water fast and need help?

Answer Just water isn't going to work. It will though if you add lemon juice( it will increase metabalism and detox your body, making it easier to lose weight. Not to mention detox will clear your body of... Read More »

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Alright here's the deal,, I need packs... n I need em FAST! please help!!?

Hey bud, i am the same age and about to start high school in a week too, i was working on my abs for a while now, maybe about a month and i have a killer 6 pack now. to be honest, its all mostly di... Read More »

I am doing my CCLD NVQ level 2 and need help!!!?

Physical development:8 to 12 years - Initially, physical growth and changes to the body slow right down in this age band, compared with the speed of physical development up to the age of 5. Childre... Read More »

Help I need help fast soo nauseous!!! Just had my wisdom teeth takin out!!?

hey the same thing happen to me and i ended up throwing up. its bc the meds are very strong. drink plenty of water and soft food.

When doing a 3 day juice cleanse, do you still need to drink 8 cups of water every day?

As you indicated, the juice can replace some of the water you are drinking, since juice is mostly water anyway. Good luck with your diet.