Dogs & Bladder Stones?

Answer Dogs, like people, suffer from bladder stones. Veterinarians refer to these stones as urinary calculi. They form in any section of a dog's urinary tract, but they form most frequently in the bladde... Read More »

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Struvite Bladder Stones in Dogs?

Struvite stones can affect not only dogs, but humans and other animals as well. As many as 85 percent of all dogs that have struvite stones are female. Some breeds are more susceptible to this cond... Read More »

Post Op Care for Dogs With Bladder Stones?

Bladder stone surgery can cause pain and confusion for a dog. Although removing the stones does provide a bit of relief for the dog, the surgery can still cause the dog to feel sore and painful for... Read More »

Urinary Crystals & Bladder Stones in Dogs?

If your dog has recurrent urinary tract infections, urinary crystals can form in his bladder and eventually cause bladder stones. Urinary crystals and bladder stones can cause many problems for you... Read More »

Gall bladder stones V/s. kidney stones?

Doctors are really stupid about this. It has become easy to remove gall bladders like they used to remove tonsils. DO NOT have surgery and remove the gall bladder. Your troubles will just begin ... Read More »