Dog ate your hearing aid is it covered under your renters insurance policy?

Answer Doubtful. Most policies exclude damage from domestic animals. Consult your policy or with your agent.

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Who is covered under your insurance policy Will your insurance cover your niece to drive your car?

Answer Yes, if she has not been previously excluded in writing. If she is going to be a regular operator of the vehicle then she needs to be listed as an operator on the policy. Answer An automobil... Read More »

Can your girlfriend be covered under your policy if she has no car insurance?

Do you need your own auto insurance in New Jersey when you only have a permit or are you covered under your parent's policy?

Permit and Insurance in New Jersey Most insurance companies cover a minor with a learners permit under the parents insurance because the minor drives while the parent is present. In the state of CO... Read More »

If flooding and rising waters causes a bent rod in your car will it be covered under a insurance policy?

Answer I seriously doubt it. Your auto insurance doesn't cover flood damage and your home insurance doesn't cover automobiles. The best thing to do would be to call your insurance representatives ... Read More »