Dog Vaccinations & Aggression?

Answer It might seem incredulous that vaccinating your dog as recommended by veterinarians and required by law could actually kill or make your companion animal sick. But every year, veterinary hospitals ... Read More »

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How did Roosevelt's response to German aggression toward Britain differ from his response to Japanese aggression toward China?

No. Grover Cleveland, US President TWICE (non-consecutively[!]) was well-known as a non-interventionist. During his second term in office, he spoke against the annexation of Hawaii. He was also aga... Read More »

What is dog leash aggression?

Dog aggression is a serious problem and an immediate concern for any dog owner. On-leash aggression is a common form of dog aggression.Reaction to Being RestrainedIf you're walking your dog on-leas... Read More »

How to Tell if a Dog Is Getting Food Aggression?

Some people have food aggressive dogs and don't even know it. Here are some ways to tell a dog has food aggression.

Dog Aggression in Akitas?

According to the American Kennel Club (AKD), the Akita was bred as a hunting dog and has strong guarding instincts, and their breed-appropriate temperament can include aggressive behaviors. These d... Read More »