Dog Pad Infections?

Answer According to Pet Place, dog foot pads are made of a thick layer of skin and a rough surface. Foot pads are often prone to infection due to their location and function, even though a dog's foot pads... Read More »

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Can yeast infections or bladder infections cause nausea?

One of the symptoms of a serious bladder infection can be nausea. However, nausea is not considered a symptom of a yeast infection, though it could be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease.Sourc... Read More »

Is my dizziness the result of ear infections or dental infections?

Answer Your dizziness could be caused by an ear infection, but if it is a dental problem, it is probably inflammation of the TMJ bone in your skull. I have TMJ problems myself, and I sometimes get ... Read More »

How do I treat ear infections?

Ear infections occur when canals and tubes inside the ear become inflamed, causing slight to severe ear pain and other symptoms such as discharge, temporary loss of hearing and vertigo. Ear infecti... Read More »

Chihuahua Ear Infections?

Ear infections are miserable for dogs. Their ears sting, itch and, if the infection is serve, their sense of balance is affected. Over time, ear infections in chihuahuas get worse if not immediatel... Read More »