Dog Friendly Weed & Grass Killers?

Answer Your dog spends much of its time in your garden, and as much as you want the garden to look good, you need to use products that won't harm the dog. Herbicides, or weed killers, are on the American ... Read More »

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Weed Killers List?

The definition of "weed" is relatively subjective; one man's weed is another man's golf green, as is the case with creeping bentgrass, for example. Kill off the weed population in your yard or gard... Read More »

How do i protect a cat from weed killers?

Apply CarefullyApply only as much weed killer as needed. Try to apply weed killer directly to weeds and do not broadcast the weed killer over large areas or areas that don't need it. Under no circu... Read More »

Can i use lawn weed killers on the farm?

You can use lawn weed killers on the farm. But according to The Garden Counselor, because of the contact that people and animals have with lawn grass, some people prefer a safer alternative to hars... Read More »

How do weed killers effect house plants?

About the same way it affects outdoor plants ... basically, it will kill them too. Actually pretty dangerous to be using weed killers indoors ... pets or children may be harmed if they should consu... Read More »