Does"or"take a singular or plural verb?

Answer Whether the article "or" takes a singular or plural verb depends not on the word "or" itself but on the objects it distinguishes.Example One: "Or" with a singular verb, present tenseIn the followin... Read More »

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Does any require a plural or singular verb?

According to Victoria University, when any covers an uncertain number--"If any of your friends is/are interested . . ."--singular and plural verbs can both apply. The Associated Press, for example,... Read More »

What is a singular verb?

A sentence is properly structured when the parts of the sentence are in agreement. If a singular noun is used to describe one subject, a singular verb must correspond. For example, "he is" would de... Read More »

Is child singular or plural?

The word "child" is singular. This means that it represents only one of something. The plural of the word, meaning that it would represent more than one, would be "children."References:Dictionary.c... Read More »

Is cheese singular or plural?

Cheeses is the plural form of cheese, meaning more than one cheese. According to, the singular version of cheese is "a solid food made from milk." The plural version usually ... Read More »