Doesnt this prove that 9/11 is setup or not real?

Answer The film is not proof, but it is good to open peoples' eyes.The film does not present not a complete picture. If it made you ask questions, it met its goals. I suggest further reading. Sites I li... Read More »

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Is there a way to do this with a receiver that doesnt have this input?

Yes you can.But you may have syncronizing issues with picture and soundyou hay have to go in the menu's of the receiver and change the audio delay to match the video...

How to Prove Gold Is Real?

"Real gold" doesn't have to be 100 percent pure gold. Most gold contains a small mixture of other metals to enhance its durability. Gold items bear a hallmark to show they have reached a legal stan... Read More »

My son was born with a pin size hole in his neck. the doctor said its nothing to worry about. now he's 3 and i noticed there something clear that oozed out of it. it doesnt do this a lot. any ideas?

It must be a dermal sinus a tiny tube with a blind end. It usually does not cause any problem. Sometimes it can get infected and cause pain and swelling. In that situation a minor operation may be ... Read More »

Does anyone else think that this is a real timewaster!!!?

Lol I came in for a quick look 6 weeks ago, have been here ever since!!! Beware its addictive powers.