Doesn't format the hard drive clean every single file etc... of the computer?

Answer Not really. Protected files are saved, I think, plus, it leaves fragments of files. It doesn't wipe it totally clean, but it comes close.

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How Do I Clean a File Off a Hard Drive?

Using the Cipher Command in WindowsRight-click the file, hold the Select key and then click "Delete." Confirm the deletion to bypass the Recycle Bin. Click the "Start Menu," click "Run" and type "c... Read More »

How do I clean off a computer hard drive?

The simplest way to completely "clean" a computer's hard drive is to use a memory-wipe program, some of which are free. Note that manually deleting files or even reformatting your computer's hard d... Read More »

How to Clean a Hard Drive Before Discarding a Computer?

Over the years, after daily use, our computers store a lot of our personal information--whether it's simply photos and Word documents, or more sensitive data such as credit card and bank account in... Read More »

How can I clean out my computer or my hard drive so it will be faster.?

If you are using Windows XP then use disk defragmenter to defragment your drives.And you can use disk clean up to clean your'll find this utilities at start>all programs>accessories>syst... Read More »