Doesn't format the hard drive clean every single file etc... of the computer?

Answer Not really. Protected files are saved, I think, plus, it leaves fragments of files. It doesn't wipe it totally clean, but it comes close.

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How to List Every File on Your Hard Drive?

What the program doesAre you a prankster? Want to know how to make your friend think that their computer has been hacked? If your answered yes, then read on...

How can I remove the Trojan Virus for free and not having to delete every single file off my computer?

I use three programs to protect my computer. I will give you a link for all of them. All are free to download. You will get a 30 day trial for windows washer though.1. Avast! antivirus-http://www.a... Read More »

How Do I Clean a File Off a Hard Drive?

Using the Cipher Command in WindowsRight-click the file, hold the Select key and then click "Delete." Confirm the deletion to bypass the Recycle Bin. Click the "Start Menu," click "Run" and type "c... Read More »

How do I clean off a computer hard drive?

The simplest way to completely "clean" a computer's hard drive is to use a memory-wipe program, some of which are free. Note that manually deleting files or even reformatting your computer's hard d... Read More »