Doesn't cocaine make u lose weight?

Answer As with most other habit-forming drugs, frequent use of cocaine causes the user to focus mainly on the high received from that drug, and other needs take a lower priority (sometimes much lower). In... Read More »

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When you lose a significant amount of weight (50+ pounds) do you lose weight in your feet, nose and lips too?

If i stop eating.... will it make me lose weight and look good or will it make me look fatter?

IF you stop eating then Yes you will get fat its common knowlege like come on EVERYBODY knows that.....

How to Lose Weight and Make the Best of Your Appearance?

Weight loss and making the best of your appearance interconnect in having a healthy lifestyle. Read on if you want to accomplish these two goals.

Does 3 ballerina tea make you lose weight?

On One Hand: A Quick FixAccording to manufacturers' websites, 3 Ballerina Tea utilizes ancient Chinese herbs to facilitate weight loss. Drinking 3 Ballerina Tea will likely promote initial weight l... Read More »