Doesnt anyone have any good tips for adding my flavor packet to this Ramen?

Answer i'm assuming you have hands if so tear it open + pour the contents into bowl . if that is to hard go next door + ask someone to hold your hand for you while you do this . make sure to find someone... Read More »

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Adding something to your typical ramen?

I have added ground beef, sausauge, shrimp, eggs, or shredded cheddar. Ramen also makes a pretty good stir-fry with veggies.

What brand of packaged ramen tastes the most like real japanese ramen?

Sapporo Ichiban taste the closest to real ramen in Japan

Are ramen noddles with vegetables good for you?

NO. I can't remember exactly how much sodium ramen noodles have, but I can tell you that it's at about 830mg. The amount of carbs are high as well. The vegetables won't do anything for you since mo... Read More »

Where can I get some good ramen in Corpus Christi, TX?