Does"DOA"stand for durable power of attorney?

Answer The acronym for durable power of attorney is POA. A POA may be categorized as general, durable or health care. POA may also stand for "plan of action." The acronym DOA refers to "dead on arrival" o... Read More »

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How to Write a Durable Power of Attorney?

Power of attorney is a legal procedure by which a person may exercise decision making authority on behalf of another person. The person granted the authority to act is the agent, also known as the ... Read More »

A Durable Power of Attorney in Washington?

Durable powers of attorney can make an emotionally and financially devastating time a little easier, and ensure that you choose who makes your decisions, instead of leaving it to the Washington cou... Read More »

How do i amend a durable power of attorney?

Before you change your durable power of attorney document, read it over. The document may provide specific methods for amendment.Notify the agent. Your agent must be notified of your change in the ... Read More »

What is a non durable power of attorney?

A power of attorney authorizes someone to carry out specified responsibilities for you and is generally non-durable, meaning its authorization is not valid if you become incapacitated. The document... Read More »