Does zicam really work to help stop a cold or help you get over it faster?

Answer yessss. its the only cold medicine i'll use. the dissolvable kind works the best for me, it doesn't taste amazing but it works great. i had a horrible cold awhile ago for about a week and it just g... Read More »

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Does Zicam work for cold sores?

On One Hand: Homeopathic RemedyZicam is a homeopathic remedy that uses two natural zinc compounds to ease the symptoms of sickness. The first active ingredient is zincum aceticum. In homeopathic me... Read More »

Does Chicken soup really help cure a cold?

According to food historians chicken soup was prescribed as a cure for the common cold in Ancient Egypt. The 10th century Persian physician Avicenna referred to the curative powers of chicken soup ... Read More »

Does drinking water really help you recover from a cold?

Not really, but sort of! The water doesn't do anything to fight off the cold virus, but it does help your body function in general to be well hydrated. If you're dehydrated, it will put your syst... Read More »

Does alli really help/work?

I tried the Alli free sample pills for a couple weeks and I can't really vouch for it's effects because I didn't notice anything just a lot of energy. I think the exercise and good diet are key to ... Read More »