Does zeolite help cure brain cancer?

Answer On One Hand: It Is Marketed As A Cancer CureMany companies have marketed zeolite, a naturally occurring silicate mineral, as a health drug. Among the claims put forth are that zeolite is capable of... Read More »

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Is there any cure for brain cancer?

My father in law has had brain cancer since May. He has been failing ever since.About a month ago we started him on apricot seeds and the b17 tablets. We just got the results back with the latest M... Read More »

Cancer-in brain, what to do how to cure?

Can zeolite remove cancer from the body?

On One Hand: Proponents Insist it WorksAs proof of zeolite's cancer-fighting properties, Mike Adams, editor of Natural News, refers to a 14-month clinical zeolite trial by LifeLink Pharmaceuticals ... Read More »

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