How many high school credits does a cosmetologist have to have?

Answer The number of high school credits needed to become a cosmetologist depends on the state you live in. While some states require that a minimum of two years of high school be completed before starti... Read More »

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If your child doesn't feel safe in her school does the school have to provide her with a safe alternative?

sit down with your child and ask why,how,and what happens. cuase it could be serios someone could telling your child bad things or making them do things so sit down and talk.

How long does an anesthesiologist have to go to school?

Anesthesiologist are board-certified medical professionals who have specialized in anesthesiology. They are required to complete a bachelor's degree, followed by four years of medical school and th... Read More »

What school does a Marine have to go to?

How long does a sonographer have to go to school?

Sonographers typically go to college for two or four years, earning an associate's or bachelor's degree. A few one-year vocational programs result in sonography certifications, but these are typica... Read More »