Does your wee change colour when you are pregnant?

Answer Answer, It shouldn't do! If your wee is really yellow it means you are not drinking enough water!

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BEST COMBINATION OF FEATURES, ie eye colour, hair colour and skin colour?

Pale skin to coloured skinfair hair to dark hairblue eyes to black eyesskinny to curvyIts all bloody beautiful.

Are you pregnant if your areola changed colour 5 days after intercourse?

Answer AS the embryo does not implant until 6-10 days after fertilisation no pregnancy hormones are being produced so you would not yet have any signs of pregnancy.

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Yes, it's common for adults with colored eyes -- blue, green, gray, even hazel -- to see that color diminish as they get older. Your eye color can also darken (go brown usually) if you use one of ... Read More »