Does your vaginal fluid change when you are pregnant?

Answer Answer Hello -The cervical mucus becomes more consitent and more regular and the amount you lose increases every few days.

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What vaginal cream is safe to use when your pregnant?

If a girl has her own vaginal fluid on her finger then fingers herself can she get pregnant?

Girls do not produce "cum," which is a slang word for semen. Answer The slang word for what girls produce is "pussy juice." It can't get you pregnant, so you're fine.

Does vaginal discharge continue to be present when pregnant?

Answer Yes it does. Vaginal discharge is quite a lot during pregnancy.

Does your pee change color when you are pregnant?

Answer I have three kids any every time that I was pregnant my urine was cloudy. I had a friend that worked at a lab, and he said that it is a common thing, but it doesn't change color.