Does your vagina go back to normal after you have a baby?

Answer Yes, the vagina shrinks back to normal size after birth.

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Does vagina go back to normal if no sex for 6 months?

The vagina is always it's normal size. Every time you have sex it goes back to it's original size after. Sex does not make it bigger.

Dose the vagina go back to its normal size after sex?

It is very elastic tissue, so it can be stretched and then return to its smaller size. Over time and with sex and birth it can get stretched out. You can do kegel exercise- contracting the pelvic f... Read More »

Does your vagina go back to normal size after having incourse with difference partner?

The average vaginal length of a sexually mature human female is about 5" long. The vagina, of course, is able to stretch in most directions to allow entry of larger penises etc. Remember, this orga... Read More »

You had sex for first time about 3 days back and now you have a swollen vagina with little bleeding you are also feeling weak Is it normal?

That's not really normal, I am not going to say that you can not have A STD, but It is almost definitely not what your problem is, It is very unlikely that any STD would have that kind of effect on... Read More »