Does your unborn baby poop?

Answer no because the digestive system is not yet functional at this stage of the baby's development.

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Where does unborn baby poop go?

Answer most of the waste excreted by the fetus exits viathe umbilical cord . hat is attached via to the navel is responsible for transferring the needed nutrients and vital supplies to the baby. Li... Read More »

How does a common cold affect your unborn baby?

Generally speaking not at all. For more information see:

Why does it feel like your unborn baby is fitting sometimes as opposed to slower irregular movement at 22 weeks gestation?

Answer I'm not sure what you mean by "fitting", but sometimes irregular or spasmatic movements can be caused by the baby having hiccups, or maybe the baby just has a short burst of energy. If you ... Read More »

What do you do if your baby ate dog poop?

While eating excrement is not a good thing by any means, and does present health hazards, typically if an infant does not eat a huge amount (something I've never heard of and think is nearly imposs... Read More »