Does your tummy swell when you have a baby?

Answer yes

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Is it possible to get feelings in your tummy when the baby moves if you are only 4 or 5 weeks' pregnant?

Answer probablt not i mean its too early to tell that. usually the baby moves in the 5th or 6th month Answer It's possible, you won't feel a strong movement, but fluttering or like the baby is twit... Read More »

Does your throat swell up when you are having difficulties with asthma?

Answer no it doesn't asthma affects primarily the lower respiratory area i.e. lungs Answer No, usually the hardness to breath is caused by a sticky gunge produced by the air sacs in your lungs when... Read More »

When does your tummy get hard during pregnancy?

Answer It depends on the woman. It's generally when you're a few months pregnant.

When delivering a baby and you have a std does your doctor tell you?

You will have a pap smear and blood tests done at the beginning of your pregnancy to determine if you have an std. The blood test is for syphallis and HIV. The pap smear is for gonnorhea and clamyd... Read More »