Does your stomach hurt while being pregnant?

Answer It usually feels like menstration cramps, but every women is different. Really the only way to tell pregnancy apart from ouvlation is a missed period. Usually 2, 3 or even four months, if that happ... Read More »

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Can the baby get hurt if you are hit in the stomach at 12 weeks pregnant?

Depending on how hard you were hit it could hurt the baby. You might want to call and have your doctor take a look

Does your stomach hurt in the lower part could you be pregnant?

Answer it depends on many other factors. Have you had recent unprotected sex? Have you missed a period? Do you have any other symptoms such as sore breasts, sickness etc? If you have missed your p... Read More »

Will a baseball thrown at a full term pregnant woman's stomach hurt the fetus inside?

Answer Your baby is surrounded by a very shock proof environment. Babies are fine after car accidents, falls and even assaults.That being said, I would still seek medical advice. Your doctor sho... Read More »

Could I be pregnant if my last period was about a month and a half to two months ago have cramping my breasts hurt I'm bloated it feels really hard my stomach hurts i feel sick n im tired?