Does your son have to be covered on all vehicles if he will never drive them?

Answer Answer First realize that the insurance regulations are different from state to state and from company to company. We live in Texas outside of Houston and have two teenagers in the home and we ha... Read More »

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Why do army vehicles drive with their lights on?

Convoy regulations dictate lights on, you may also notice that the front and rear vehicles of a convoy have flags, usually mounted on the front bumper but up on the turret for Armoured Vehicles - B... Read More »

What You Should Know About Towing Front Wheel Drive Vehicles?

Most car owners will eventually be faced with the need to tow their car, whether it's to get it to a repair shop following a breakdown, to tow it behind an RV to be used as a short-range vehicle on... Read More »

Why do people drive those ridiculous off road vehicles?

My parents have one and we use it to tow the camp trailer and the boat and all of the other stuff we use when we go out of town. Dad uses it to go hunting, how the hell are you going to put an elk ... Read More »

How to Correct a Spin in Front Wheel Drive Vehicles?

Picture the typical film or TV car chase. Most people picture two cars battling one another in what appears to be a smoke filled driving ballet of screaming tires, fast edits, billowing exhaust not... Read More »