Does your son have to be covered on all vehicles if he will never drive them?

Answer Answer First realize that the insurance regulations are different from state to state and from company to company. We live in Texas outside of Houston and have two teenagers in the home and we ha... Read More »

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If you have two vehicles insured by the same company and back into one of them will they pay for the damage to both vehicles?

Answer Check your policy. It probably has an exclusion for any damage caused by another vehicle owned or operated by anyone on the policy. Otherwise, everyone with a junker would be ramming into ... Read More »

If someone runs a red light and hits you but they have no insurance but you are fully covered with your insurance will your insurance pay you for pain and sufferring then go after them for the money?

Yes, very likely If you have uninsured motorists coverage (required in most states) that is the coverage that will take care of your medical bills and pain and suffering. After your claim is paid ... Read More »

If you never married your baby's father do you have the legal right to move to another state without his permission in order to receive help from family members who will let you live with them?

Answer:Depending on the state's jurisdiction and enforcement laws, my understanding is, the father can have you extridited back into his state, he just has to submit to a DNA test to prove he's the... Read More »

If your insurance policy says anyone who drives your car including family is covered why do you have to pay more for your teen to drive?

Why do you have to pay more for your teen to drive? The terms of your auto insurance contract or policy between you and your insurer specifically require that you disclose and schedule all househol... Read More »