Does your snoring keep anyone awake?

Answer No i don't snore i whistle through my nose sometimes and say things in my sleep lol=D

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Does anyone actually wake up feeling rejuvenated and wide awake, or is that just a lie?

How to keep somebody from snoring.?

Ear plugs. My Dad is exactly the same, so loud i had to buy a headset for the tv in my room and my Mum after buying 110 pound ear plug, regularly has to sleep in the spare room. He even visited a d... Read More »

Has anyone ever had septoplasty to cure snoring?

Well, The one and Only Libby, you have brought up another very interesting question. I have a very similar situation. (Coincidentally, we are getting married on the 20th of this month) My fiancee' ... Read More »

How to Stop Snoring by Using an Anti Snoring Mouthpiece?

An anti-snoring mouthpieceMouthpiece devices are also known as dental appliances, or mandibular advancement splints. They have been effective for many snorers, including those suffering from mild o... Read More »