Does your period stop if you go swimming?

Answer Your period does not stop when you go swimming, it may seem lighter but this is only because the water dilutes your menstrual flow – thus why so many girls think their periods do stop in water.Yo... Read More »

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You had sex on last month 12 and your period stop on 11 you had sex without condom and the sperm dint shot in your period stop on 11 until now you havent came your period?

Well, if I follow what you are saying, you had unprotected sex sometime in the last month and have now missed your period. You did not say if your cycle is regular but assuming that it is, there is... Read More »

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you start your period late and the bottom of your stomach is still cramping when you stop your period?

Answer YES! I had a friend that was pregnant and didn't know the whole time. HERE'S THE STORY We were watching t.v. and my friend started cramping so she went and took a nap. Two hours later she c... Read More »

Does chocolate Stop your period ?

No lol , pple just crave it and it helps with cramps too with some pple

Does Eating Disorder stop your Period?

sometimes. It stopped mine. it happens when your body is malnourished, so your body tries to tell you that something is wrong, so the period is the first thing to go. Your body knows that if you ar... Read More »