Does your partner and you have to wear protection if is your first time?

Answer you should have some kind of protection EVERY time!

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What did women wear for sanitary protection in Henry the eighth's time?

Women in the time of King Henry VIII did not wear anything to control menstrual bleeding. Menstrual fluid was allowed to flow freely. It is possible that long skirts were worn to hide this blood ... Read More »

Do you wear sunglasses for the style or the protection?

for the protection. Really. ;)) I don't wanna walk around outside or be driving in the sun and be squinting like Mr. Magoo! My avatar(Linty) wears them for pure style. Look left for some cool av... Read More »

Do US soldiers wear facial protection?

It's not the norm, but facial protection is sometimes worn. E.g., military police doing riot control will often wear face shields.

Do you wear adequate eye protection while fishing?

Eric,Put very simply, I never fish without eye protection. While it is not a common thing to have a hook hit the eye, when it does the results are horrifying. Let's face it, usually you are out in ... Read More »