Does your optimum online email work?

Answer Yes.Their helpline said that they are "currently experiencing problems with their e-mail system".Maybe they were asked to wire money to Nigeria?

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How to Add an Email to Optimum Online?

Users of Optimum Online Internet service are provided five email addresses, with users of the "Boost" additional plan allowed a total of 14 email addresses. One of these is your main address that i... Read More »

How fast is Optimum Online?

According to the Optimum Online website, Optimum Online can deliver download speeds of up to 30 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 5 Mbps. However, Optimum Online provides the following disclaimer: "M... Read More »

How to Configure Pop Server With Optimum Online?

If you have an Optimum Online email address, you may be used to accessing it via a web-based interface running in your browser. You can also access your email account using a separate email client ... Read More »

When you get online do you check your email or your questions on here first?

E-mail first, then Answers. Sometimes lose track of time if going to work that day, so need to hustle then. Easy to get lost here and forget what you have to do in 'real' life.