Does your face shap change over time?

Answer Your face shape bone structure wise stays the same as you age, unless you get the new braces that adjust the bone structure in your jawline while adjusting your teeth, the weight around your face m... Read More »

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Studies have shown that the best salespeople are those who manage their time efficiently face to face selling time has decreased to as little as percent of total working time?

Are there any watches that change time in different time zones like cell phones do?

Casio's Waveceptor line will set itself each night within the US. I don't know of one that works worldwide and they don't do it immediately like a cell phone does.

Does the iPhone 4 have face time?

Yes, it was in fact the first Device to introduce Facetime, then came the iPod Touch 4th Gen, then the iPad 2.

What to do when iPhone 4 does not face time?