Does your dog have cancer?

Answer Any unusual symptoms in a dog should be cause to take the animal to a vet in order to determine exactly what is wrong. However, sometimes owners like to have some idea of what is happening before g... Read More »

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Does the earth have cancer Are human beings the cancer cells?

An interesting idea. Do you like to read? Read "The Bridge" by John Skipp and Craig Spector. It's one of my favorites and it carries this idea to a frightening conclusion.

My sexual partner was recently diagnosed with Cervix cancer, does that mean I have cancer too?

I would not think so, but you can get a simple blood test to make sure. I would suggest to your partner to start to take emu oil gel caps. emu oil kills cancer cells and is safe to take. One should... Read More »

Person still alive and cancer free after using the cancer cure mentioned in "outsmart your cancer"?

Is it wrong to not tell your family you have might have serious cancer?

You are an adult in your own right so you don't have to tell anyone if you don't want to. But speaking as a mother, I would want my son to tell me so I could do all I could to help him thru this. ... Read More »