Does your directv dvr need to be on to record?

Answer No it does not. Technically, it never is 'off'. The two lines that come into the back of the DVR are both solid constant feeds coming in, and the DVR is constantly monitoring start times that are y... Read More »

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Can you record on directv dvr without directv subscription?

No, service is needed in order for the satellite to send and receive signals.

How do I Record From a DirecTV HR20 DVR?

DirecTV is a satellite service that offers the ability to record programming directly onto a digital video recorder (DVR). If you receive high-definition video programming through the service you m... Read More »

How to Record From the DirecTV Box to a DVD Recorder?

The most difficult part of recording from a DIRECTV box to a DVD recorder is connecting the DIRECTV box to the DVD recorder, but even this is not all that complicated. Once hooked up, you will not ... Read More »

Why can you not record movies on DVD from directv?

UMMM Because its illegal to copy right duh. That's what the DVR is for