Does your digital box work as good as it used to before the transition?

Answer I am having the same exact issue. i have been viewing DTV for over a year. the transition occurred and i lost NBC and CBS in my area. I rescanned. both were still missing. i moved my antenna ... Read More »

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Has anyone ever used airborne before and does it work?

It's a good immune system booster. If you want to kill flu and cold, use otc Zicam Cold Remedy. You need to start taking it with first symptoms., which means you need to have some at home so you c... Read More »

Does anyone know the substance used to clean your skin just before it is cut during an operation?

Provodine or Betadine... they are types of iodine: iodine; for those allergic to iodine they use alcohol; for those allergic to iodine and alcohol (yes there are some that have a lot of sensitiviti... Read More »

Why are we having a digital tv transition?

It is to free up bandwidth for mobile communications (which has been sold off to), and emergency communications. Didigal allows the smae stations to use less overall bandwidth by having their frequ... Read More »

Digital transition is very confusing to me?

I am not the least bit surprised by Comcast’s actions in fact I expect more cable providers will be doing the same. I am also not surprised that you have received misleading information, particul... Read More »