Does your cursor ever move by itself?

Answer ahahahah...yes !!! it is like a oui-ja board :-)PS: yes I have a mouse pad too and am clear for viruses . Unless you count the tylenol in my cabinet..

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Mouse cursor move on its own It's a new PC?

There is nothing wrong. It is the way optical mouse works. Do not keep it on a glossy, reflective surface, use anything dull, a sheet of paper, or a sheet of cloth under it and it will work well.

How to Move the Cursor Between Monitors in XP?

Whether you're gaming or working on graphic design, one monitor may not be enough for you. If you own a copy of Microsoft Windows XP, you can easily switch your display settings to permit you to us... Read More »

Sometimes my mouse gets stuck and won't move the cursor, why is it doing this?

if its a traditional ball type you simply either need to clean the mouse balls or the rollers inside the thng. simply reove the cover plate and remove its ball. use some alcohol and q tip to clea... Read More »

Why is my gaming FPS lowered when my cursor doesn't move?

when you move around and look around the gpu has to render every image, this make your fps drop