Does your computer seem smarter than you.?

Answer no because it cant find the printer and its sitting next to it!!!

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Is the human brain smarter than any super computer?

Yes, I saw this on another website. Lets say that you make a supercomputer and a human solve a massive mathematical equation. The supercomputer would start computing and the human would cut off the... Read More »

I want to play the game are you smarter than a fifth grader Could you tell me an appropriate website for kids to play are you smarter than a fifth grader on the internet?

How to Look Smarter Than Everyone Around You?

You aren't always going to be the smartest person in every group you take part in but you can always get the edge by looking smarter than everyone around you. And if people are truly honest, most w... Read More »

I really need help i'm trying to get smarter...?

reading can make you smarter if you read books that have information and it can make more literate which means you'll be able to talk to better. sorry if you're older and trying to get smarter, the... Read More »