Does your child needs any special attention?

Answer Yes, he does not digest fiber well and is highly flatulent.

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Should a child with special needs be given more attention than another child?

13 yr old doesn't want to visit with father anymore. How old would the child need to be for the court to pay attention to the child's wishes?

Answer There would have to be demonstrable circumstances for visitation to be revoked for the father, such as abuse or neglect. Visitation is not only for the child's sake, but the parent's. It'... Read More »

Do (black) ant bites require any special attention?

ant bites are nasty little things!! i'm severely allergic so anytime i get bit-my whole foot,arm,leg,etc swells up and i have to take should be just fine. you can use hydrocortisone cr... Read More »

When a child with special needs is included in a preschool class it is best to focus on that child's disability?

No you should think of him as a normal student because every man is equal