Does your child need to read before first grade?

Answer On One Hand: Reading Is Not Required to EnterBefore entering first grade, children should be familiar with the alphabet and be able to match a picture with its first letter. For example, if you sho... Read More »

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How to Read Aloud for Fifth Grade?

As a parent or teacher, you should not forget that children like to have fun. Therefore, teaching them reading skills might be a challenge if you just give them a book and tell them to read it. Rea... Read More »

How to Learn to Read Better for Grade 5?

Fifth graders must make reading a central part of their daily lives. Preparing for the transition to middle school, fifth graders who are reading on grade level pour through books with 100 to 200 p... Read More »

How to Teach the First Grade to Read a Map?

First graders think in the concrete, literal, factual and absolute. So teaching them to read a map needs to start with a basic sense of direction and practice associating symbols with real world ob... Read More »

How to Help a Third Grade Student Read Fluently?

Third grade students who find reading to be a chore may struggle in other areas of academics as well. As a student improves his reading skills, he may find other subjects such as history and scienc... Read More »