Does your child need a car seat in Cancun Mexico?

Answer Although laws vary from state to state, you are much better off following the guidelines of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and keep your child who is over 40 pounds in a belt po... Read More »

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Do I need a passport to fly to Cancun, Mexico?

Travelers do need a passport to fly to Cancun, Mexico from the United States. The passing of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative in 2004 requires all persons hoping to re-enter the U.S. by air... Read More »

Do you need a passport to fly into Cancun Mexico?

To enter Cancun, Mexico, you do not need a passport; you only need to show an original birth certificate and a valid photo I.D. On the contrary, to reenter the United States you must show a passpor... Read More »

Your child is 7 weighs 95 lbs does she need to sit in a booster seat?

If you are a victim of child molestation, talk with an adult you trust. School counselors, coaches, or teachers are the best choices. Talk with them privately, and tell them what you are going thro... Read More »

How old and what size does a child have to be to no longer need a car seat or booster seat?

Have you seen those Disney commercials? They advertise that it's 48 inches (or 49, I can't remember) of height. Until they reach that height they need a car seat or booster seat as appropriate. I b... Read More »